New Staff at Waldwick High School - Gayla Brewer (Secretary)

I asked each new staff member to answer a few questions about themselves.  

Gayla Brewer – Secretary for Mr. Clancy

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
Spent more than 20 years in Corporate Communications for numerous Fortune 500 Companies.  The last twelve years were dedicated to free-lance writing, raising three kids and community volunteering, including establishing an education foundation in the Park Ridge school district and supporting the basketball program at a local private high school.

What made you choose Education as a career?
I love kids, and I love sports.  Supporting the WHS Athletic Director seemed like a perfect fit.

What appealed to you about Waldwick High School?
Great vibe.  The two guys who interviewed me seemed focused, professional, high energy, positive and direct.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?
I am a die-hard Springsteen fan and have been to about 100 shows all over the country.  Hoping to publish a book someday titled, "Good Fan, Bad Mother: Confessions of a Bruce Addict."